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Shaina started her digital nomad path ​when she switched careers from ​corporate event planning to Online ​Business Management four years ago. ​Now she serves as a coach for others who ​want to do the same. Her brand, Anti 9-5, ​is on a mission to redefine the norms of ​work and empower choice when it comes ​to your career.


UX designe​r

From a college dropout to achieving multiple six-figure success in tech, Ginny consistently exemplifies her curious and innovative spirit. Her seven year journey in tech, freelancing, and startups, coupled with three years of full-time travel, showcases her resilience and the transformative potential of the digital nomad lifestyle.


Digital marketER

Val, a Mexican native, is now living in France to learn her third language. After leaving her agency job to freelance, she doubled her income, leveraging six years of digital marketing expertise. Val's journey as an independent freelancer, combined with her cross-cultural experiences, highlights her adaptability in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

A Digital Empowerment Retreat

Join us for 7 day experience that will ​ACTUALLY change your life . Our week-long ​retreat is designed to help women build ​successful online businesses; offering a ​launchpad into a new reality filled with travel, ​wellness, and divine feminine friendships.

Aspire provides an environment for growth, ​creativity, and empowerment with a shit-ton ​of fun. Our goal is for you to make like-minded ​friends, learn profitable online skills, and ​immerse yourself in a world of opportunities ​you never thought were possible for you!

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Fast track you way into ​DIGITAL CAREERS

UX Design

Social Media

Content Creation

Online Biz Manager

Virtual Assistant

Brand Developm​ent

...and more!

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This is for you if...

You’re a creative that seeks freedom and ​independence

You want the flexibility to travel while working remotely

You want to explore new ventures that might​ not relate to yo​ur primary job

You want to launch or grow an online​ business​

You want to step into the world of freelan​cing with confiden​ce + ease


Alexa ✧

I had a single track mind trying ​to make my career work and ​Shaina helped open other ​pathways and showed me it’s ​ok to pivot. Those of us looking ​for excitement in our careers ​and personal lives. If you're ​bored or depleted in your work ​and need something different…​this is for you!


I love that I know myself ​better than ever and I love to ​know that I'm not alone in the ​world and have people that ​understand every step of the ​road I'm taking in life.

✧Aris ✧

Shaina helped me envision my ​future in a way I never had ​before and once I had that vision ​in mind I was able to make daily ​decisions that balanced not just ​my daily life and school work but ​also took into account the parts ​of life that I really enjoy and ​made sure I had time for those ​things and was actively moving ​towards a future I was excited ​about.

7 Days in Crete, Greece

September 2 - 8, 2024

Sea Cave in Zakynthos, Greece

Our elements

Digital nomads

Aspirations ✧ ​Creativity

Break free from limiting beliefs, embrace abundance and step into your power. Build toward your highest aspirations and ignite your creative spark.

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Community ✧ Connection

Celebrate the strength of divine femininity and foster a supportive community where we share, learn, and grow together.

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Wellness ✧ Movement

We offer holistic well-being through activities like yoga and meditation; alongside nutrition and self-care, aiming to rejuvenate both body and mind.

Women yachting and having fun

Balance ✧


Life is to be enjoyed, and finding balance is key to a fulfilling existence. We balance hard work and self-improvement with fun, indulgence, and pleasure.

Where we’ll connect

Our serene oasis on the island of ​Crete is the perfect backdrop to relax, ​build connections, and launch the life ​of your dreams.

Where we’ll create

Ample communal spaces to learn, work, ​and create in collaboration with each ​other. We’ll have plenty of workshops, ​shared meals, and creative experiences.

Where we’ll rest

Find solace in your room—your peaceful ​retreat after a day of discovery. Super ​comfy beds, stunning bathrooms, and ​epic views. Single & double rooms ​available first come first serve.

A Week at Aspire...

Sample Day Itinerary

8:30 am

Group breakfast cooked with love by our ​private chef & feminine wellness guru

9:30 am

Exploring Digital Nomad Careers: Panel ​discussion & Workshop Time

12:00 pm

More nourishing food by our chef

1:00 pm

Let your creativity shine with one of our ​interactive activities to get your right ​brain working as hard as your left

3:00 pm

Pilates led by our in-house expert!

5:00 pm

Dinner + Sunset, ultimate girls night out ​vibes in the local town

Your Investment

All rooms include your own bed & bathroom for 1 or 2 ​girls. Single & Double rooms are available for a price ​difference -- first come, first serve.


  • Accommodations + All meals
  • Daily creative + career workshops
  • Daily fitness activities
  • Transportation to and from activities
  • Excursions in Crete including a Full Boat Day
  • Career Coaching & Guidance

Not Included: Airfare or transportation to/from the villa, ​travel insurance, incidental + personal expenses

A $500 deposit is required to reserve your spot.

H&W Outdoor Woman Diverse Women Doing Yoga at the Beach

Accommodation Types

Shared room (beds will be separated. 2 person occupancy)

Twin Bed in Shared Room w/ Ensuite Bathroom

$3400* per person​

Private Room (1-2 person occupancy)

Private Queen Bed w/ Ensuite Bathroom

$4200* for single occupancy /

$2700* per person for double occupancy (shared bed)

*A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot. The remaining balance can be paid in installments and is due before the trip.

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